A series of videos created with WRAL’s Go Ask Mom, these easy experiments can be done by anyone using common household items. Further information about most¬†experiments is linked to the title.

Shrinky Dinks

Nail Balance Challenge

Runaway Pepper

Pocket Slingshot

Floating Rice

Invisible Ink

Mardi Gras Inertia Beads


Edible Slime

Elephant’s Toothpaste

Friction Fiction

Lava Lamp

Screaming Balloon

Naked Egg

Disappearing Straw

Cartesian Diver

Straw Oboe

Spaghetti Dance Party

Egg in a Bottle

Electrorhelogical Slime

Inertia Hat


Fun with Polymers

Stab a Potato with a Straw

Air Pressure and the Magic Jar

Food Coloring in Milk

Poke a Needle through a Balloon