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mad_scientist_cover2Warning: Dangerously Wacky Experiments Inside

From the Publisher

Plastic humanoids, dancing spaghetti, and rubber eggs: something wacky’s going on here—and kids will love it! After all, what could be more fun than peeking into a mad scientist’s notebook and finding 50 fizzing, popping projects that will light up their own laboratories…and minds? Young Einsteins (and Dr. Frankensteins) will discover really cool things to do, including building a hovercraft and rocket, boiling ice without melting it, and making their fingers smoke. Notes from the mad scientist himself on richly illustrated and lined pages make the projects even more entertaining! But don’t be fooled: these irresistible experiments demonstrate important principles of physics, biology, and chemistry. So kids will safely learn all about science…even if they’re too busy making a mess to realize it.
Published in 2008 by Lark Books.


From School Library Journal

Grade 4–6—In its effort to put a playful touch on science, this book has lost its way. The mishmash of more than 35 experiments is presented in a cookbook format: list of ingredients, procedures, explanation. Most of the supplies will be found in a well-stocked home and most of the experiments don’t require adult supervision. When knives and open flames are required, a red stop sign is at the top of the page—most of the time. There are no step-by-step diagrams or illustrations, and the cartoon art is strictly decorative. Most of the experiments are standard fare, and in some cases the scientific explanations are confusing without diagrams. Real-world applications or descriptions of how the results could be taken to the next level are rarely included. Adding further frustration to using this book, which is meant to look like a scientist’s notebook, is the font—the light sans serif type makes for a difficult read. Save your budding scientists the frustration and stick with Vicki Cobb’s tried-and-true volumes.—Carol S. Surges, McKinley Elementary School, Wauwatosa, WI