Seven Oaks Consulting is the umbrella for all of my projects!

It began in  2000, when I began creating and maintaining web sites for science education groups and others that needed simple, affordable web sites under the name Seven Oaks Web Development.  I recognized the need of such organizations for a high service, low cost web site.

Along the way I have built on my background as a physics teacher and worked as outreach coordinator for The Science House at NC State University.  I have developed curriculum for The Science House, Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute, David Gordon Louis Daniel Foundation’s Science Explorers and several collections of science experiments published by Lark Books.  Most recently I have been working on a new book, 365 Weird and Wonderful Science Experiments.  You can find a list of my current projects here.

In 2014, I added a new venture to my list of projects with Fort Kids for Kids.  This drawstring bag, in a variety of patterns, contains everything a kid needs to make a play fort in any setting – inside and outdoors.  The skills developed in fort building include: problem-solving, teamwork and creativity – the perfect toy!

Why Seven Oaks?

My maiden name, Snoke, is a contraction of seven oaks.  My family origin’s can be traced back to the estate of Seven Oaks in England and William Sevenoke, a Lord Mayor of London, named after the place where he was found abandoned as an infant.