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Leggo my Lego

IMG_4994My kids are obsessed with Legos.  It is pretty much all they do, every day when they are not in school.

That, and fighting over Legos. And begging me to buy them more Legos.

And since I am in the midst of science fair madness, I got to thinking about science fair experiments you could do with Legos.

To be clear, I’m talking about plain old Legos (or Duplos), not Mindstorm which is a whole other post.

The first place I always go for science fair info,, had some great ideas:

And even more ideas are floating around:

  • Build chemical or air powered rocket cars and explore the affect of the power source on the motion of the car. Or look at how changing the size or shape of the car and its wheels affects its motion.
  • Build a Lego catapult and investigate how the position of the arm affects the motion of your projectile.

Have you done a science fair project with Legos?  Have any ideas to share?  Leave a reply!