Outings with the North Georgia Photography Club

November 2018:   An outing with the North Georgia Photography Club to some waterfalls and in search of fall color.  We visited the falls on Dick’s Creek near Turner Crossroad, then on to Helton Creek Falls and ended up at Vogel State Park.  The color was excellent, and we encountered more and more leaf peepers as the day went on.  For whatever reason, I was not inspired by the waterfalls as I often am, but it was still a great day.

October 2018:  Several of us went to the Cumming Country Fair to see what we might find to shoot.  I go there while the sun was still up to scout, but all the good pictures happened near or after sundown.

November 2017:  A day to visit waterfalls and observe the fall color.   We visited Horsetrough Falls and Ana-Ruby Falls, then traveled up the Richard Russell Scenic Parkway to Vogel State Park.  By the time we arrived at the park the rain had begun, so I headed for home.

Here are my pictures:

Trip to Dupont Forest, NC (July 22-23, 2016):  Drove up to Brevard, then on to Looking Glass Falls in time for the rain to begin.  Waited a while, the rain let up some, a climbed down to the creek and worked along the rocks to a good vantage point.  Could not avoid people in the picture since they were all over the place.  This is usual since this is prime tourist season in the mountains.

Then drove up past Sliding Rock to the Blue Ridge Parkway and turned west.  Stopped a the Pounding Mill overlook, one of the really nice east-facing views. (Not many west-facing views on the NC part of the parkway since the roadway is mostly below the crest on the east side.)  Also stopped at an unnamed pullout a bit further on.

The next day I drove to the Hooker Falls parking lot in Dupont Forest to meet the rest of the folks from the North Georgia Photography Club.  We did Hooker Falls, then Triple Falls, then High Falls.  By that time, the sun was up high and the light was very harsh, so we gave up on the photography.  After going to Rocky’s soda shop in Brevard (very, very crowded on a summer Saturday afternoon) for a milkshake, I headed home.

November 2016: A visit to Simpson Farms to shoot old cars.