An outing with the NGPC

That’s the North Georgia Photography Club y’all.  We thought we’d get to 4 or 5 falls, but we only  saw two,  The rest for another today.

All the pictures are here, but I’ve included a few teasers in this post.

Unicoi Lake at sunrise


Horsetrough Falls


The Creature in the Creek


A better view from the parkway



The fall fling with the Sonny Day Hikers

A number of us spent a couple nights at Vogel State Park in far north Georgia hiking, eating and generally having a great time.  Our long hike was the Jarrad Gap trail, part of the Appalachian trail to the top of Blood Mountain, and the down the Slaughter Creek trail, a distance of something over 8.5 miles.  We also did a number of turns around Lake Trahlyta, but that’s only a mile or so.

I shot the sunrises, but only the first was really any good.  The first time around the lake on the first afternoon showed good color, but the last time around just before leaving was spectacular.  Buck and I stopped frequently to admire the view and decide a composition.  My thanks to Buck for some pictures I would not have see otherwise.

The first few pictures are from Dick’s Creek near Turner’s Crossroads.  Its on my way, so I left early and took time to look for reflections in the creek below the falls.  Some success there, but not as much as hoped for.

Herewith the pictures:

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Waterfalls and fall color in western North Carolina, October 2017

Did a workshop by Bill and Linda Lane in Brevard, NC right after the remnants of tropical storm Nate blew through.  The waterfalls were flowing full-faucet, and the creeks were up, so far up many of the best photo ops were just not accessible.  Still a great time, fun people, and I learned something too.  🙂

I was disappointed in most of my waterfall shots because there was so much water most of the details were obscured, or I just couldn’t find a point of view I liked.  So I’ll return again to try again.

My favorite shots are toward the end:  the square picture of fog in the trees, and any of the sunrise shots.

Hiking the Bear Hair Gap trail, September 2017

The Sonny Day Hikers hiked the trail as prelude to next week’s hike by the Hearthstone Hikers.  I expected some damage from the recent storms, but we  found relatively little to impede us.

Native Plant Garden, 2017

The Georgia Master Naturalists planted a garden of native plants at the Bethelview Road trailhead on the Forsyth County Greenway.   The garden is now nearing the end of its second year, and the plants are doing nicely.  I visited there three times in May and June of this year.    I can’t id most of them.  The full set is here, but I’ve included a couple teasers.  🙂

Crimson Beebalm, I believe
Might be spiderwort

Young at Heart camp, 2017

At the Laurentian Environmental Center north of Virginia, MN.  The full set of pictures is here, but I’ve included my favorites in this post to get started.

Sue’s tiles
Deer behind the lodge
Sunrise over Arrowhead Lake
Sunrise over Arrowhead Lake
Tree reflected in a solar panel

July 2017

Family vacation at Santa Rosa Beach, FL.  Pictures here.

Sunday sunrise

Late June 2017

Two things here:  First, a set of pictures taken at the Atlanta Botanical Garden at Gainesville.  Not large, but very nicely done.  Second is three taken on the Rocky Mountain trail off Indian Grave Gap road north of Helen, GA.

The garden was having an exhibit of bronze frog sculptures called “The Ribbit Exhibit.”

Zenny, one of the nineteen sculptures.

The model railroad at the gardens.

Fred and Ethel

And, of course, a few flowers.  “)

My favorite.

And from the trail:

Flame azeleas.

And the rhodedendron  were in bloom.

Late Spring 2017

Pictures from two places:  first, the native plant garden done by the Georgia Master Naturalists, and second, a hike with the Hearthstone Hikers at the Arrowhead Interpretive Wildlife trail.  I got is a bit of a rut doing flower close-ups.

So, some plants native to Georgia, or maybe even specifically north Georgia:

Crimson beebalm, I think.

Spiderwort.  This one I know.

And a hosta from my back yard.

Then from Arrowhead trail:

A bumble bee o n a thistle.

Trumpet Creeper blooms and buds.

And just a nice fungus.

Arrowhead Nature Trail

A scouting hike and then the Hearthstone Hikers at the Arrowhead Interpretive Nature Trail near Floyd Springs, GA in early June.   Great weather both days, and a most informative ranger-led hike.

My favorite mushroom.  🙂

A nice wetland pond.

And a couple of the intrepid group.

Views of some of the many ponds.  The place was originally a fish hatchery.


And lastly, some of what was blooming.