EarthQuest Birds with the North Georgia Photography Club

The club went to the Milford family farm in Cumming to photography a set of birds brought to us by the folks at Earthquest, Steve Hoddy in particular. He had an Andean Condor, a Harris Hawk, a hybrid falcon (half peregrine falcon and half gyr falcon) and a Great Horned Owl. The hawk and falcon flew free, the other two were leashed. All bu the condor did well, posing nicely and moving as Steve wanted. The condor just would not perch were Steve wanted, nor would he spread his wings on more than one brief occasion. Overall, it was a great time. We had 20 photographers along with the Milford family observing. We shot in the horse pasture, and there was a dead log to serve as a perch for the birds. That provided all sorts of shooting angles.