Early May 2021

The month began with Clara in a horseshow by the Lanier Equestrian Association at Honeysuckle Farms, and then are some of the neighbor’s amaryllis in bloom.

Late April 2021

And the latest pictures from various locales. First, my latest sunrise over Lake Lanier, a little different from what I usually see. Then a few wildflowers, some from a hike along the Wildcat Creek Trail with the Sonny Day Hikers. Next, some from a visit by myself to Sosebee Cove near Vogel State Park. The last two bits are of a nice sunrise (again) and the iris blooms in our yard.

Early April 2021

Getting things out of order here since the next post shows pictures taken after those in this post. Whatever. These shots are from a variety of times and places. Some are of spring blooms in the yard, one is from a hike up Blue Mountain along the AT, some are from the Mill Creek Nature Center and Ivy Creek Greenway near the Mall of Georgia and lastly, some are from a walk along the Big Creek Greenway, including the native plant garden at the trailhead.

EarthQuest Birds with the North Georgia Photography Club

The club went to the Milford family farm in Cumming to photography a set of birds brought to us by the folks at Earthquest, Steve Hoddy in particular. He had an Andean Condor, a Harris Hawk, a hybrid falcon (half peregrine falcon and half gyr falcon) and a Great Horned Owl. The hawk and falcon flew free, the other two were leashed. All bu the condor did well, posing nicely and moving as Steve wanted. The condor just would not perch were Steve wanted, nor would he spread his wings on more than one brief occasion. Overall, it was a great time. We had 20 photographers along with the Milford family observing. We shot in the horse pasture, and there was a dead log to serve as a perch for the birds. That provided all sorts of shooting angles.

Late March 2021

Another potpourri of stuff taken in the last couple of weeks. I found wild blooms in the neighborhood common areas, the neighborhood cherry tree bloomed, and my azalea bushes began to bloom. I also found some blooms at one of the county parks where I walk, and, lastly, I tried a sunrise shoot with just my phone and a light tripod.

Z00 Atlanta with the NGPC

A group from the North Georgia Photography Club (NGPC), the Atlanta Photo Club and others went to the zoo in Atlanta for an afternoon using cameras to shoot the fauna and flora. I used primarily my 100-400 mm lens, but there were moments I was tempted to change to my short (16-80 mm ) lens due to how close the animals were to the viewers. We had a clear sky, so there were some very harsh lighting situations, and I struggled to find a decent exposure most of the time. But it was a great afternoon.

EarLy March 2021

Having finally gotten vaccinated, I’m starting to go out more than for the past year. Here are a few shots from sunrises, spring flowers beginning to bloom around the neighborhood and a hike with the Sonny Day Hikers to Keown Falls and Johns Mountain.

February 2021

This was a slow month for my photography, due in part to the weather and in part to a general malaise on my part. I just didn’t find much motive to get out walking or hiking or anything else.

But I did get a few decent pictures, and the daffodils did pop up and bloom at the end of the month. A couple of mornings had very good sunrise light, and the blooms were full and well lit also.

January 2021

I did not get out nearly as much as I wanted due to the weather, the epidemic and general laziness. Still, I did get a few good shots.

The first are from a foggy morning at sunrise in West Bank Park with a couple others from the North Georgia Photography Club. The fog meant we were limited to black and white compositions, so that’s what I shot. The fog was clearing on the way home, so I stopped at Caney Creek to see what I might find. The sun through the fog and trees is that shot.

A bit later, we had a good frost, so I went looking for ice crystals, and some were there on the photinia bush near the garage.

And I walked some along the greenway, and, one one afternoon,I found a wood duck and a robin.

And lastly, I witnesses a terrific sunrise over the lake.

December 2020

I did not do a great deal of photography this month due to both the epidemic and the weather. It has been relatively cold, there has not been a whole lot of color in the sky nor the trees, and I just wasn’t motivated.

But I did try out a Tamron 100-400 mm lens, and I got some wonderful images with it.

Only one really good sunrise, that on the 23rd.