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Chocolate Chip Science Fair Cookies

Cookie_monsters_-_vegan_chocolate_chip_cookiesThe chill is finally blowing through our neck of the woods which makes me think about baking cookies.  If you too are a fan of cookies – chocolate chip or otherwise – why not use science as an excuse to bake?

There are as many variables to investigate as their are ingredients in your cookies!  Pour yourself a glass of milk while you consider these ideas:

  • How does the temperature of the butter affect the spread and height of your cookie?  Try it melted, soft, room temperature and cold.
  • What affect does baking powder and/baking soda have on your cookie?  Try baking with soda, powder, both and neither.
  • Does chilling or freezing the dough before you bake affect the size, texture and taste of your cookie?

If you don’t want to mess with all the experimenting and just want to find the secret to the perfect cookie check out this article from NPR.