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3 Years!

3 years ago this month I started this blog because I kept stumbling on cool science fair ideas and I wanted to share them. It turns out you guys thought they were too! Over the last 3 years I have had over 28K visits and 41K page views for a total of 70 posts. Not to mention the Easy Experiment videos I made with Go Ask Mom!

So as is customary for blog birthdays, I present the top 10 most popular posts!

  1. Elf on the Science Shelf – Hot Chocolate and Screaming Balloons – Last fall I started a series of activities to keep those silly elves – and the kids – busy


  1. Dancing Droplets OR Better than a Lava Lamp – It turns out that some cutting edge research at Stanford can be done easily at home!


  1. Pinewood Derby at the Science Fair – For Boy Scouts who are doing the derby, why not knock out a science fair project at the same time?


  1. Mardi Gras Beads – An easy use for all those beads with an unexpected result.


  1. The Hot Chocolate Effect – this acoustic and tasty experiment is one of my personal favorites.


  1. Chocolate Chip Science Fair Cookies – Who doesn’t like cookies? And the science fair is a good excuse for baking some.


  1. Eureka! Elephant’s Toothpaste – This post is one in a series of bathroom science experiments that is always a crowd pleaser.


  1. The Definitive Slime Recipe Book – Does your slime loving child’s slime production have you considering buying stock in Elmer’s glue? Check out other slime recipes that don’t use glue or borax.


  1. Phidget Spinner Physics – You can do a lot more than just spin these little gadget between your fingers!


  1. Bottle Flipping Science – This is the craze that just won’t quit! And it seems that folks can’t get enough of bottle flipping science – by far the most popular post!