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Order now! Super Science Experiments

These fact- and fun-filled book includes tons of simple, kid-tested science experiments, many of which can be done with items found around the house, and require little-to-no supervision! Available from independent bookstores on Bookshop or on Amazon.

Science is Fun! Blog

When the Moon Hits Your Eye

Have you ever seen a photo of a full moon, usually near the horizon where it looks HUGE. As a ...
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Solar System on the Street

What if you could fit the entire solar system on your street? That's exactly what we tried to do while ...
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Sandwich Engineering

One of my favorite sections in the new 365 Engineering Project book (did I mention it’s coming in August 2020!) ...
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Build a Bird Nest

I just finished reading this fascinating article about how birds engineer their nests and how human engineers are learning from them.  Apparently ...
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Just Out!

The ultimate hands-on, build-it-yourself guide for tomorrow’s engineers! came out in fall 2020 at Costco. I’m hoping for re-release in stores soon and have a few copies for sale if anyone local is interested (sorry I can’t ship right now)

This learn-by-doing activity book provides 365 engineering challenges you can solve by thinking, tinkering, planning, and building. From craft-stick bridges, toothpick towers, and milk-jug igloos to drinking-straw rockets, cardboard boats, and rubber-band trampolines, there’s something here for every budding engineer.

With full-color illustrations, clear and concise scienti c principles, and open-ended instructions,365 BUILD-IT-YOURSELF ENGINEERING PROJECTS provides a year’s worth of opportunities to delve deeper into the fascinating worlds of engineering, science, and technology.

Professional Services

With over twenty five years of experience, Seven Oaks Consulting provides services related to

  • science/STEM curriculum development,
  • educator professional development,
  • web site design and maintenance for small business and non-profits, and
  • other services related to science/STEM education.