Early August 2022

I kept getting up of the sunrise because the sky cover kept creating good conditions for color, reflections and cool pictures. I go to West Bank Park on Lake Lanier to watch the sunrise and then walk the park looking for geese, ducks, herons, otters, woodpeckers, and whatever else I may find. Makes for a very pleasant couple hours in the morning. I also took time to shoot some double exposures in the yard to use in the photography club weekly challenge. I need to keep looking for opportunities to do more of those. I also hiked to Bearden Falls one Wednesday morning. That’s been on my list, and I finally got to do it, but the falls was disappointing. Much too much overgrown, and there was little room to work with. But now I’ve been there.

July 2022: A month of sunrises

I did not get out for much hiking in July, primarily due to very hot, humid weather. It was just too oppressive to be out for long enough to have a good hike. Instead I went up to Lake Lanier many mornings (17 of 31 days to be exact), watched the sunrise, and took pictures. I also walked a lap or two around the park most mornings. The gallery is my choice of the best results. All taken at West Bank Park on Lake Lanier in northeast Georgia.

The Savoy Automobile Museum in July 2022

The North Georgia Photography Club visited the museum to see what sort of images we could find and capture. I was (a) not particularly inspired, and (b) took only my 35 mm and 85 mm lenses. I really wanted my 11-16 mm lens, but I did what I could with what I had. Lesson learned for next time. The museum has interesting lighting: gray walls with blue lighting on them, and very bright white overhead lights. That makes for very difficult reflections, but sometimes it yields really cool images. The cars are so closely packed that it is difficult to get a good background most of the time. So I went more for closeup shots where I could manage the background.

Early July Sunrises, 2022

I got up for the sunrise on four of the first five days of the month, a rare feat for me. The sunrises all turned out to be good, but the July 3 and July 4 were the best we’ve had for some time. All were taken at West Bank Park on Lake Lanier northeast of Atlanta, GA.

Late June 2022

Three sets of pictures here: first is a couple of very pretty sunrises, second is from Gibbs Gardens, and third is from the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. These were shot over the course of eight days.

Next, the images from Gibbs Gardens

And lastly the images from the botanical garden.

Mid June 2022

Starting with a very nice sunrise on a hot, hazy, humid summer morning.

Early June 2022

Pictures from my wandering around. A nice sunrise one morning, some things in the yard after the rains, and some from a walk around the Bowman’s Island trail below Buford Dam along the Chattahoochee River. Nothing really special, but I had fun.

Hot air balloons, June 2022

I drove to Helen, GA twice in three days for the annual ballooning festival. First are pictures taken at the start of the annual Helen-to-the-Atlantic balloon race. Second are pictures taken a couple of days later. On the second day, the balloons did not launch due to wind problems, and there were far more people around. So I made some abstract images of the colors and patterns.

Trip to Minnesota, May 2022

We traveled to the Twin Cities to attend Gabby’s high school graduation, to visit family, and to see what sort of stuff was blooming at the time. The first album is from the graduation. The second is from two venues: Lake Normandale and the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden at Theodore Wirth Park.

Later in May 2022

A few more things: Some flowers found on a hike by myself one morning, another sunrise, and a couple pictures when I could not find any birds to shoot.