On the AT with the Hearthstone Hikers

Had a great hike from Woody Gap toward Miller Gap past Preacher’s Rock. Great weather for hiking and good photo ops along the way. We did not go all the way to Miller Gap because we didn’t want to hike back up the hills we went down. 🙂 Good lunch at Georgia Barbecue in Dahonega afterward.

First Half of October 2021

Pictures from the first two weeks of October. First is the first good sunrise after quite a stretch of rainy, dull days. Then there are some shots of the remaining raindrops or dewdrops around the yard. Next is sunrise a week later, and lastly monarch butterflies in my neighbor’s yard. Still waiting for fall color, but that is coming soon.

The end of September 2021

Pictures from two days. First is a set of pictures taken around a neighbor’s butterfly bushes. I have no idea if these are even actually butterflies. The could be moths of some sort. But I like the results. Second are pictures from a sunrise boat outing on Lake Lanier. We did not get a lot of great color, but it was not bad.

September 2021

A selection from walks in the yard, on the greenway and at the lake. We had heavy rains from Nicholas, and so we had heavy dew for several days. I tried for images several days but only a few worked out. Something to continue practicing. On another day in the yard, my neighbor spotted the praying mantis on her truck and a number of spiders on the bushes. I walked on the greeway just to get out and stretch my legs. I happened on a Joro spider right beside the greenway where I could get my macro lens within inches of the web, and there were interesting fungi and blooms along the way. Lastly, I did get up for sunrise on the few days it was not either fully clear or fully cloudy. Not the greatest light, but still very nice.

September Sunrise

Cruised on Lake Lanier before sunrise one morning in early September hoping for a colorful, dramatic sunrise, but it was not to be. So I had to work to find good compositions and good light.

Late August 2021

A bit of repetition here. I included some pictures of Hemlock falls, but added new pictures of a couple of sunrise walks at West Bank Park on Lake Lanier near Buford Dam. The sunrises have started being a bit better than we’ve had for a while, and the ducks seem to be returning. We had a large amount of rain as storm Fred went by, and the lake rose to 1.6 feet above full pool. That put many of the rocks on which I sit or that I use as foregrounds under water. So I got a shot of a tree in the water that normally does not exist. And we’ve got a lot of haze or smoke in the air, so the sun rises as a fireball if there are no clouds. Great fun to photograph.

Hemlock FAlls, Aug 2021

I did the scouting hike for the Hearthstone Hikers along with a few folks from the camera club on a sunny bright summer day. The trail was quite wet from recent rains, and the water was running high and hard. None of us had ever seen the creek or falls as full before, so the photo ops were a little different than what I had anticipated.

Most of the time, the pool below the falls is placid and suitable for wading/swimming. This day it was wild and none of us chose to venture into the water. So we shot from behind or on the logs bordering the pool. In addition, I turned around and tried some Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) shots of the trees and leaves. On the way back to the truck, I stopped couple of times to snap the creek below the falls. The creek is getting quite overgrown and it is now much more difficult to get good pictures without shooting through the rhododendron foliage. Perhaps int he fall…..

Early to Mid-August 2021

Continuing the pattern of shooting alone, either around the yard or on early morning jaunts to Lake Lanier. I have begun hiking more, but there is not much to photograph, at least not much I find interesting.

Late July 2021

I did not go out much for the past couple of weeks, mainly because the weather has not been good. Too wet or too hot most of the time. But I did shoot the few blooms in the yard, the one good sunrise this month, and a few things on the Jarrad Gap/Slaughter Creek loop. Sure how things improve soon.

Early and Mid July 2021

Another motley assortment of pictures from the few good sunrises we had and a jaunt along the river at Jones Bridge.