A visit to Minneapolis, September 2023

We drove to the Twin Cities for my sister’s birthday, and while there I took a couple mornings to watch and photograph the egrets, geese and ducks at the Wood Lake Nature Center. In addition to the very nice trail, there is a boardwalk across the middle of the swamp, and that affords a great place to observe and photograph (shoot) the birds. I used my 100-400 mm lens, but the egret heads a so small, the autofocus system had a hard time locking focus on them. And I was working without a tripod or other support. So I took many images, but not all of them worked out. And the light was changing rapidly as I shot. I started before the sun broke over the trees and stayed after it got up over the trees.

Gibbs Gardens, September 2023

An outing with the North Georgia Photography Club and the Cobb Photographic Society in mid-September to Gibbs Gardens. I went with no expectations, but I hoped to find waterlilies and good stuff in the Japanese Garden. The Japanese Garden is not yet in fall colors, so it was difficult to find compositions among all the shades and shapes of green. The waterlilies were their usual good selves. I also walked up to the Manor House, and I found an interesting angle there. Lastly, as always, I stopped to see what the gazebo looked like. The pond was full of weeds, so I got down low to screen that with the flowers along th edge of the pond.

September Sunrises at West Bank Park

I was up early for several mornings, and I went to West Bank Park to both watch the sunrise and to walk a few miles. Not al the sunrise were great, but I was able to find interesting images as the sun came through the trees.

Early September 2023

Sunrises on the firstdays of the month was pretty good, but the second was spectacular. The first two images are from the first; the others are from the second

The End of August 2023

More sunrise walks at West Bank Park. Some days are better than others for sunrise photo ops.

Late August 2023

I was up regularly for sunrise because the weather was so hot that early morning was the only time I could walk without sweating too much. So I have many sunrise images. I also drove to Dick’s Creek one morning to shoot that waterfall just to do something different. The waterfall images are first; the sunrises are second.

And the collection of images from various sunrises.

Mid-August 2023 sunrises

I was in the habit of rising early to walk before the heat got unbearable. So I was at West Bank Park several times when the sunrise and lighting was very interesting.

First is August 9. I had good light and the waterfowl co-operated nicely.

Then I started a streak of several days in a row. On August 12, the fog was settled in, and I got no good images. On August 13 however, things were much better. While not all that colorful, the light was interesting and I got better images on my walk after sunrise.

On August 14 the light was better, and I got a nice sunburst image to end my walk.

Lastly, on August 15, the light was brief but spectacular. The intense color lasted about 10 minutes, no longer. And the sun in the clouds on my walk as fun too.

Lastly is August 17. Interesting and difficult to shoot. I had difficulty finding compositions and difficulty getting the exposure right. But the geese cooperated.

Still more August 2023 sunrises

Another morning, another sunrise, another venture to West Bank Park to take pictures.

More early August 2023

More sunrises. I went to West Bank Park several mornings in a row since the sky was right each day. Streaks like that do not happen often.

Early August 2023

Two trips to Lake Lanier in the first week of the month. The first was for sunrise; the second was mid-morning after a rain shower went by.